Ariston Margherita AL1250CT washing machine

Symptom: Drum not turning

A common fault of the Ariston Margerita AL1250CT washing machine seems to be a defective welding point on the electronics printed circuit board.

The first thing to check when a washing machine drum stops turning is of course if some obstacle prevents the drum from spinning. This test can be done without opening the machine. I then verified the belt, which I suspected broken or loose - but apparently 13 years of heavy use have done no harm to my machine's belt. I then had to turn the machine sideways to be able to access the motor's carbon brushes. These usually last 10-15 years, and mine were indeed quite used, but still gave contact, as a visual inspection revealed. I estimate their remaining life to another three years of service.

The fault turned out to be a defective solder point on the pcb, which is located in the lower left corner, if seen from behind. The second picture shows the solder point, which is in fact a relay contact. The fault can be seen; I do not know if the fault has a mechanical or thermal origin, however resoldering the relay contact corrected the problem. Zero spare parts, about an hour of time.