Household appliances

Ariston Margherita AL1250CT washing machine (Waschmaschine)

Drum stops spinning (Trommel dreht nicht)

Siemens Siwatherm 5301 tumble dryer (Wäschetrockner)

Tumble dryer triggers ground fault circuit interrupter (Trockner löst FI aus)

Fleck water boiler (chauffe-eau électrique)

boiler maintenance (in french)

Electronic devices

HP calculators

HP97 card reader maintenance

HP9810 desktop calculator repair


Marantz ST-450 Tuner thermal fuse fix

HP LaserJet printer

Replacing the LaserJet II control board pcb

Accessing the HP LaserJet II/3 page counter

LaserJet Series II Error #50 - replacing the power supply

Replacing the LaserJet 4L drive gear (grinding noise problem)


Replacing electrolytic capacitors (Elkos austauschen - auf deutsch)


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